Apprentice Meat Cutter

If you would like to learn to cut meat, we are interested in you! You must have all the requirements of the counter clerk position plus the drive to create and present for sale various cuts of meats that look appealing in a personalized service meat case. You would be responsible to keep the product fresh and presentable, as well as coach the counter clerks in the sale of the goods.

This position is responsible for the rotation of product in the storage coolers, freezers and meat case along with monitoring temperatures of products and refrigerated cases. You will also be responsible for merchandising the meats to keep the case profitable with little to no waste.


  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Keeping records and communicating with upper management
  • Lifting of objects and boxes of meat
  • Safe operation of a meat saw, grinder, cuber and other equipment associated with the job


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